About me

Hi, This is Romanov’s Wife. Welcome to my world of video editing.
The Romanovs are one of the greatest Russian royal dynasties. My name is Alena Romanova, I am a professional musician, an expert in the theory and history of music.

Alena Romanova

I was born in July 1985 and raised in Minsk (Belarus). I studied music professionally from the age of 6, at a music school, college (2000-2004) and then at the Higher Academy of Music (2004-2009). I play the piano, but the theory of music, musical form and the history of music in general has always been of more interest to me.

In 2010, I had a new hobby, my attention was drawn to the field of video and audio editing. And as an example, I began to select for myself fragments from the movies that I liked or serials. Among the programs that I was initially familiar with were Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere, Sony Sound Forge, VirtualDub, Sony Vegas Pro. In the end, I chose to pool programs Sony Sound Forge and Sony Vegas Pro (Vegas Movie Studio). I understand that these are not the most complex programs for video editing, for me personally the most voluminous and complex in functionality is Adobe Premiere Pro. In the future, I plan to take a deep look at this program.

In 2013, I migrated to Finland. This country and its society also changed my interests, including professional ones.
I lived in the north of the country, but in 2014 I moved to the city of Tampere, where I live now.
In 2018, I enrolled in the Media Assistant program at the College of Tampere. I like this profession, it is completely different from music, but musical education gave me a developed creative thinking, and it helps me in my new profession.

My new profession helps me in my hobby, I started learning the program Adobe Premiere.

This site is devoted to already published my video projects on YouTube channel. In fact, this site is a copy of my YouTube channel, but I plan to expand my hobby on this site first. Anyway, it’s great that I decided to create my own platform for publishing video projects taking into account the copyright on the music and video of all rights holders whose music or movies I use in my videos. I want to express my great gratitude and gratitude to all who appreciated and continue to evaluate my work for its worth, to all who noticed me among many video editors on YouTube, who supported and supported me with wonderful comments on the video on my channel, and also all my subscribers. I am very glad that the number of my subscribers is growing daily.

You can also express your wishes in a letter to me. For example, if you want me to make a video for some other film or series that is not yet on my list of movie categories. I will consider all your ideas. Thank you all, guys.